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HB optical has developed the optics and thin film coating technology for more than forty years. Focusing on design and manufacturing of the optical filters and reflectors, HB optical has developed the leading expertise including optical thin film technology, aspherical optical glass surface design and precision processing technology, industrial-scale production technology and so on.
Ability of spectrum and thin film stack design:

A rich variety of spectrumdesign and manufacturing technology with optical thin film stacks is one of the core technologies of HB Optical. Essential Macleod software is used in designing the thin film stacks, and independent design software is developed to innovate the design and process monitor. HB optical can optimize the design and manufacture optical thin film products in the range of 200nm to 2500nm, with the spectrum such as band pass , deep and broad blocking , long-pass, short-pass, high-reflectors, antireflection, beamsplitters , dichroic mirrors, notch filters, neutral density filters, ,polarizing filters and so on .
Ability of precision coating technology:

Excellent spectrum is the important requirements of optical thin film products. HB Optical developed a unique precision optical film thickness control technology to achieve volume producing of excellent spectrum products. HB Optical own variety of precision optical film thickness control technology. On high-precision coating equipment (Leybold, Optorun, self-made equipment, etc.) combined with 40 years of engineering experience to develop unique precision coating film thickness control technology and process. With Precise thickness control technology and reliable high-quality coating process HB optical achieve high quality and stable products which have more than 100 multi-layer optical film. HB optical own kinds of coating process including the resistance thermal evaporation PVD, electron gun thermal evaporation PVD, APS plasma-assisted deposition (PAD), RF ion-assisted deposition (IAD), sputtering and so on to meet different requirements.
Ability of Environmental adaptability:

Excellent environmental adaptability is one of the typical features of HB Optical products. By optimizing the material selection and coating process, HB optical filters and reflectors achieve excellent environmental adaptability even with nearly unlimited lifetime. HB optical tested environmental adaptability of products with kinds of standard methods, such as MIL-810F, ISO-9211, GB/T 26331-2010 and so on.
Ability of precision surface control technology:

Excellent surface quality and precision shape is one of typical requirement of HB Optical products, especially for the aspheric reflectors and filters used in the Image system or laser system. HB optical use the Tracepro software to design and simulate the precision surface shape, and we also develop the proprietary aspheric process method to control and test the precision surface shape. HB Optical is able to design and manufacture complicated aspherical surface shape products of which diameter from 50mm to 400mm such as ellipsoidal reflectors, parabolic reflectors, cone-axis ellipsoidal reflectors, spherical reflectors, multifaceted reflectors and so on(surface shape error less than 0.05mm).
Inspection and Testing Technology:

Every piece of HB Optical products was certificated by precision inspection. HB Optical has complete measurement system, including precision spectrum measuring equipment provided by Varian, PE, focus-point and surface shape measurement equipment. To make sure the durability and stability of products, kinds of environmental adaptability measurement equipment for high and low temperature, humidity and other test are prepared.
Volume Production Technology for Industrialization:

Precision, uniformity, stable is the important requirement in volume production of HB optical filters and reflectors. HB Optical integrated unified management with technologies such as product design, key device configuration, manufacturing process optimization, ultra-clean production line, ISO9001 quality management system control, applied technology research and many other technologies.
Application technology :

With the excellent performance ,HB optical filters and reflectors have been used in more than forty country all of the world, mainly used in biomedical, Biochemistry analysis, Fluorescence analysis, projection and imaging, Digital cinema,Entertainment&StageLighting, UV lighting systems ,elementary analysis, laser, environment detect, optical communication, and so on. HB optical is looking forward to cooperating with you, for new technologies and products.