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Optical Attenuator

Variable neutral density filters is the optical communication system in the "precision potentiometer". Optical attenuator is a device which has a certain attenuation of optical power. It has wide application, such as in the measurement of optical devices, optical passive components, optical fiber, optical fiber communication equipment, as well as the necessary tools for the construction and maintenance of optical fiber communication systems. Depending on whether the decline is changed, it can be divided into fixed attenuator and variable attenuator.


Variable neutral density filters can change the OD value in a certain range to measure the sensitivity and dynamic range for receiver.


Typical applications examples

1.Optical attenuator

Circular variable neutral density filters, circular stepped variable neutral density filters and linear variable neutral density filters are mainly used in this optical attenuator.
2.Communication links
Small size fixed optical neutral density filters are mainly used in this part.
3.Small adjustable optical attenuator
small Circular Variable ND Filters such as 10*3*0.5mm gradient neutral density filter is used in this part.
ND filters in HB Optical are mainly used in the field of optical communication.